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Hadiprana Perspective

Shinta Meirina Hapsari - Journal of Ascott

23 Mar 2014

Located in Jakarta’s Central Business District, the serviced residence is part of Ciputra World 1, a large integrated development consists of a shopping centre, a museum, art gallery and theatre, a hotel and an office tower.

The brief was to design a service apartment units, typical lift lobby area and corridor which would represent a blending of Ciputra Group identity as the owner and Ascott brand characteristic as the operator, yet functional and comfortable like home.

Ciputra Group is so identical with the art work of Hendra Gunawan, a great modern Indonesian painter. Mr. Ciputra, the founder of Ciputra Group, greatly admired Hendra Gunawan as an artist and a close family friend. Therefore in every project of Ciputra Group, one can find Hendra Gunawan's work as a mark. When we got the brief, we realized that it was not easy to incorporate the Hendra Gunawan's work with the Ascott design guidelines because of its contradictory. Hendra Gunawan aroused human interest in his paintings. It has figures which often not realistic, even cartoonlike and always colorful while Ascott, asked for achievement of an international product with hints of local touches; stately contemporary interior allowing for personalization. At first, they insisted to avoid using human figure in any interior element.
Considering those aspects, our concept for this service apartment was presenting a work of Hendra Gunawan in a calm and novelty way
A collection of expressionist styled art pieces by Hendra Gunawan, adorn the public areas. We continued the style, theme and colors through the corridor and into each of the apartment unit in the form of a painting, decorative elements such as carpet, cushions, bed runner as well as a unique feature wall in the living areas.


About this unique feature wall, we would like to enlighten how we embodied one of Hendra Gunawan painting in a more modern & contemporary way so it would nicely emerge in our whole room design. We wanted it to be one color and took only the outline of the figures in the painting since, aside from the color, the figure in Hendra Gunawan paintings was very strong. We found an image of how dots could be a way of drawing a line, just like "connecting the dots" activity for kids. Derive from it, we tried to develop the dots in more three-dimensional way instead of only graphic art. At the end, after made some mockups, we use scoop method on the MDF to make curved inward dots along the figure outline and finished it in white paint. We are very satisfied with the result as it became a special feature in the apartment.


In choosing the soft furnishing and carpet colors, we were inspired by  Hendra Gunawan’s expressive color palette. On the other hand, to accommodate Ascott’s requirement of relaxing ambience, lavish interiors and to ensure the urban dweller’s needs are fully met, we brought together the modern shape of furniture, various material and features, then combined them in one space.


The serviced apartment occupies level 15 to level 31 of the tower. Each level has 6 one-bedroom, 4 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom units ranging from 50 to 150 sqm. All 185 apartments are furnished with a fully-equipped kitchen, separate living and dining areas, bedroom and en-suite bathroom plus service area for two and three-bedroom units. They started construction in 2011, then finally open in November 2014, guests are expected to experience artistic approaches of Hendra Gunawan's work in a modern convenience.

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