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DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


Land Area: 1500 sqm


Pemprov DKI Jakarta



Corporate Firm

Hadiprana Design




DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

This project is Hadiprana's CSR for the DKI Jakarta government. In 2016 the DKI Jakartagovernment created a community program, namely the Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space(RPTRA), where the government collaborated with 11 architectural consultants in Jakarta todesign 11 prototypes of buildings, of which Hadiprana was one of them. 144 RPTRAs, scattered,enlivening the DKI Jakarta area.Given Jakarta's geographical location, tropical climate (hot and monsoonseason), it is essentialfor a building in Jakarta to adapt to existing conditions-where sun and rain protection was vital.Thus, Hadiprana puts forward the concept of tropical buildings for all aspects of the design ofthis Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA).A tropical building concept is prevalent in building orientation, air ventilation systems, andprotection against sunlight.We can see this with the use of a gable with eaves around the building. The concept of openconstruction and ahigh ceiling is applied to facilitate air circulation to minimize air conditioningsystems. Also, for protection against sunlight, a grid is used, which also functions as an aestheticelement.The choice of gray paint is one response so that RPTRA buildings can visually adjust themselvesso that they do not stand out too much with the facility's environment.Thus, the RPTRA building becomescomfortable to use, easy to maintain, and usesenergy efficiently. And hopefully, this RPTRAbuilding can become an oasis and a place forcommunity socialization to be used and caredfor by the people of Jakarta.

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