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Hadiprana Perspective

22 February 2021

A Lil' Chit Chat Serie-5 Thru The Eyes of Light Spectrum

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​Lighting affects everything light falls upon How you see what you see, How you feel about it How you hear what you are hearing. Replace the “a” with an “e” and you get lighting effects! 💡💡💡 .

09 October 2020

( Ramadhan K.H. ) 1985 Special written for Grahacipta Hadiprana

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Mega-mega yang disentuh, pudar karena keagungan kerja badai-badai yang ditentang, nyisih tiadalah kebahagiaan sebesar kebahagiaan karena keagungan jiwa selesai kerja ...

09 October 2020

Umi Dachlan - painter

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The name’s Hadiprana ...o’om henk is what he’s popularly called by inner circle/ close friends. A multi-talented architect and interior designer with tasteful artistic valued made him a collector ...

23 March 2014

Shinta Meirina Hapsari - Journal of Ascott

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Located in Jakarta’s Central Business District, the serviced residence is part of Ciputra World 1, a large integrated development consists of a shopping centre, a museum, art gallery and theatre, a hotel and an office tower.

23 March 2014

Shinta Meirina Hapsari - Journal of Harris Malang

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Harris Hotel is located at a residential and commercial district in Malang, developed by a property developer company; Riverside. The site is an ideal place for a resort hotel to reside since it is located at the main gate of Malang city, and situated side by side with Mewek River facing Mahogany forest.

Our Journal

Inspiring Quotes

Our passion and excitement in architect creations has never been based from variable project’s scale, project’s type, nor for the projects’ forms, but simply for the creative process itself... It is our true privilege to create something out of nothing (drawing)... nevertheless, to be ‘useful and meaningful’ is enough reason for us.”

Faried Masdoeki, Majalah Laras 244 April 2009

Interior design of a house, Hadiprana claims, not only involves the knowledge of how to make it beautiful, but it also means understanding the need for harmony of colors, a design theme and many others aspects.”

Hendra Hadiprana, Indonesian Business, Sept 2000

There must be a connection from one room to another, but each space must have a unique strong point, a soul of its own. When it finished, it must be perfect – nothing could be taken away or added to it without spoiling it”

Mira Hadiprana, PRESTIGE magazine February 2007

To be able to portray and enhance the owner’s character beside creating a cozy, comfortable home are the basic principles of each and every house’s interior design. Everything, from concept to details that displayed shall appear truly from the owner’s distinct personality, for they will never feel ‘alienated’ at their very own home.”

Sammy Hendramianto, Fashionable and Stylish Interior

One of the aspect that Hadiprana always emphasize in each design is the synergy of the customized result to the owner’s needs.”

Budi S. Soenarto, Majalah Estate Maret 2005

There is always a response to the local culture that was carried in a building design approach.”

Faried MS. Masdoeki, INDESIGN INDONESIA Magazine 2013
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