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Masjid Suciati

Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

Scope of Work

Interior Design, Landscape, Special Lighting


Building Area: 1,700 sqm


Yayasan Saliman Jogo Sentono

Corporate Firm

Hadiprana Design




Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

This design is an expression of love for the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet's Mosque'sbeauty, which is also known as the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia.The design of Suciati Mosque became a remedy to the Prophet who yearns for his mosque.Combining the form of Javanese architecture on the roof and the Nabawi Mosque ornament onthe building's body.

With a three-tiered pyramid roof representing traditional Javanese and five minarets. The mainminaret, symbolizes Fadhu prayers (five times a day) with the form adopted from the NabawiMosque minaret.The mosque is the forefront of the"ukhuwah" and the preaching of Muslims. The Suciati Mosquecan functionally serve these two functions simultaneously by distinguishing the floor andentrance to the standard room (function) or the prayer room (prayer)In carrying out its function, this mosque is supported by sophisticated IT types of equipment,hoping that this mosque will become widely known and respected by the Islamic communityacross Indonesia and the world.The prayer room's sanctity, toilets are locatedoutside the mosque. Hence no unclean activitycirculates within the interior of the mosque.Because in Islam, "Cleanliness is part of Faith"

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