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Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran, Bali

Jl Wanagiri No.1 Jimbaran, Bali- Indonesia

Scope of Work

Architecture, Artwork, Interior Design, Special Lighting


Land Size: 3.5 Ha


PT Summarecon Agung





Corporate Firm

Hadiprana Design & Hadiprana Artwork




Jl Wanagiri No.1 Jimbaran, Bali- Indonesia


Finalist for REKA International Design Award 2017 for "Hospitality" & Nominee for HDII Award 2017 for "Interior Design- Hospitality"

“Tri Hita Kirana, the three causes of happiness, is a philosophy of living in harmony, man with nature, man with man, and man and God, which results in a balance of life”
Astounding Overall Interior Planning Concept
- Location Approach: Bali
 Bali is undeniable as one of Indonesia's islands. People with all their layers from generation to generation respect, reserve, and elaborate on everything closely related to their beliefs, nature, traditions, and local culture.
- Project Location Approach:  Jimbaran Beach
The beach is indeed inseparable from fishers' daily life in Jimbaran's coastal community with all the activities & supporting devices when they are fishing or when they gather with family, interact with the surrounding neighborhood, or celebrate religious ceremonies.
- Approach to Art & Craft Elements: 'Tri Hita Karana"
This concept showcases the daily lives of the Balinese fishing community. The concept of Tri Hita Kirana's cosmology is a philosophy of a tough life. This philosophy has the idea of preserving various cultures and environments amid globalization and homogenization—the spirit of harmony with God, nature, and fellow humans. There are many elements of kinship, hospitality, excitement, unity & preservation here.
Functional Approach & Target Market : "Family Lifestyle Resort"
This 5-star family-oriented resort is an integral element of the Samasta Lifestyle Village commercial complex, Strategically located and easily accessible for pedestrians from the commercial complex.
The Main Design Approach: Eclectic Contemporary
The design style aligns with the nuance of trends, fashion styles, technology, and living habits of the modern era and the local & international community's contemporary nature- matched harmoniously with distinctive touches of Jimbaran, Bali.
The layout was inspired by traditional Balinese house planning- where each building has its function and role. In the complex, it is clear that there is a procession of circulation flow for guests & residents of the house/complex starting from the rear area/building for worship.
The central area is essential within the property as it unveils the 'layering' of functions.
So, room layout compositions and furniture layouts will apply the concepts of "procession" and "layering."
The shapes and forms were inspired by the composition of the Balinese natives' house complexes and the formations of their houses, which are generally seen in line play, both vertically and horizontally. To 'soften' these lines, curved elements represent the Balinese shoreline, 'roll' of the Balinese landscape's waves, and contours.
The color concept is inspired by the nuances and natural atmosphere around the beach and local culture. The concept features a harmonious mix of earthy colors: brown, cream, blue, white, black, gray, and orange with gold, green, bronze, and red colors.
The interior design features a variety of materials throughout the walls, floors, and furniture. It features natural textures and artificial textures. This idea reflects Balinese people's daily lives, who widely use natural materials such as wood, copper, stone, and clay- often used raw to retain its original texture and character.
The lobby welcomes guests with a festive ambiance, inspired by the procession of Balinese ceremonial traditions.
Lobby Lounge
Festivities, nostalgia, and warmth move with the atmosphere—the perfect place to momentarily unwind and catch the ocean breeze.
All Day Dining Restaurant
The dynamic crowd of fishermen occurs around the coast and appears in the local traditional market- with a lively atmosphere of trading and gathering.
After the fishermen return home from spending the night fishing out in the sea, they will rest temporarily for a night or a day in their room, along with some of the fishing gear to accompany them. This spirit and story became the driving concept for the hotel room design.
Kids Club
Stories about coastal life with tales of the sea intrigue all ages; therefore, a "Pirate" theme was adopted into the interior design.
Ballroom & Meeting Room
One place that plays an essential role in the order of social life in Bali is the existence of Bale Banjar. The ballroom is the place to gather and discuss formal and strategic matters.
Today Bali has become the melting pot of diverse backgrounds and the archipelago's cultural richness. Relaxation spa treatments throughout the archipelago were what inspired the interior design.
The central artwork concept for Movenpick Hotel Bali is "Tri Hita Karana." Tri Hita Karana is a traditional Balinese philosophy of life about the three causes of well-being. Those three causes of well-being are harmony with God, harmony among people, and connection with nature or environment. These represent the relation of people to the Jimbaran fishing village.
At the drop-off area, the "Vayu" sculpture symbolizes the Balinese God who helped fishermen during their expeditions. Decorative sails on the lobby ceiling relate to the giant wall artwork about harmony between the fishermen and the sea. At the far end of the swimming pool, a sculpture about family represents peace. For the guestroom area, artworks were inspired by Balinese's Rang-Rang textile.

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