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Saphire Lounge T3

Terminal 3 Ultimate, International Departure, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia

Scope of Work

Artwork, Interior Design, Special Lighting


850 sqm


PT Angkasapura Solusi




Plaza Premium (Hong Kong)

Corporate Firm

Hadiprana Design & Hadiprana Artwork




Terminal 3 Ultimate, International Departure, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia


Location Approach:
JakartaAs one of the megapolitan cities in the Asian region, Jakarta is a city that is highly visited byvisitors for both business and leisure purposes, from within the country and abroad. As a"meltingpot," a melting pot of various cultures from all over Indonesia and outside Indonesia-apart from Jakarta's original culture, Jakarta has many cultural aspects that can bepresented as its uniqueness.

Project Location Approach:
Soekarno Hatta International AirportThe Terminal 3 Ultimate of Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) in Cengkareng /Jakarta was built with the hope of accommodating the anticipation of a surge in visitors toJakarta for the next few years. As the volume of visitors entering and leaving SHIA increases,SHIA has become Jakarta's face, which can give its visitors a distinct impression. From thedesign of the SHIA building itself, it seems to reflect that Jakarta today is a modern city butstill has a diversity of cultural identities.

Overall Interior Planning Concept:
Approach to the Arts & Crafts Element: "Unity in Heritage Diversity"As a facility at an international airport terminal, Saphire Lounge has the potential to be ashowcase of the uniqueness of Indonesia's diverse cultures. One of the delivery media can bethrough art items that are placed in the lounge area. It displays the brand image of "Saphire"itself and shows the diversity of Indonesian culture with a touch of modern technology.

Functional Approach & Target Market:
"International Travelers"By being located at the international departure terminal, the Saphire Lounge has theopportunity to stop by passengers who will enjoy these facilities for extended hours. SaphireLounge gives elegantly educates its visitors on Indonesia's cultural richness-creating amemorable experience.Main Interior Design Concept: "Unity in Heritage Diversity"Hadiprana Design formulated a common language and design thread for the collection ofSaphire Lounges across Indonesia. The design bridges contemporary and modern designstyles to establish an eclectic and contemporary design through interior design, speciallighting, and artwork. The decorative elements installed behind the reception desk andpartition panels across the lounge were inspired by sapphire stone formations-arrangedartistically using laser cutting technology. The series of Artworks portrays Indonesiandiversity while utilizing sophisticated technology and manufacturing processes; henceelegantly enhances the spatial experience.

Lighting Concept:
The unique design of decorative lamps, power settings, and color rendering (CRI) makes thelounge area's ambiance welcoming and comfortable for visitors.

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