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Villa Sari, Uluwatu

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Scope of Work

Architecture, Artwork, Interior Design, Landscape, Special Lighting


800 sqm

Corporate Firm

Hadiprana Design & Hadiprana Artwork




Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


Nominee for IAI Award Bali 2019 " Akomodasi Pariwisata- Villa" Nominasi for IAI Award Jakarta 2020 "Kategori Hunian Pribadi"

The formation of the villa’s concept emerged as a response to its surrounding conditions and regional regulations. This villa contains 2 floors that faces the sea, where beneath are layers of terrace land- which influenced the height of the building and the slope of the roof.
Balinese architecture is reflected through the villa’s overlapping beams and columns featured across the architecture and interior of this villa. These elements are translated into a modern contemporary language through applying materials that emphasize the vertical and horizontal planes. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood is also applied to this villa in response to the traditional Balinese architecture as well as regional regulations.
Moreover, introducing multiple openings enhances the feeling of spaciousness across the space. Although, in the long run, this villa is intended to be rented out, the design still reflects the resident’s character while remaining versatile to the future guests/renters.
"The Layering Concept"
Overall, the public area feels more enclosed while the private area feels more open; hence allowing the residents to enjoy the extensive view and experience the harmonious relationship between the indoor and outdoor world.  The procession from the public to private area is vital to maintain the resident’s
With the concept of a private area that is more open than the public, a procession from the public area to the private area is needed so that the residents' privacy is maintained. These transitional spaces between one area or room to another are equipped by a harmonious inter-relation between architecture, interior, landscape, lighting and artwork.

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